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how to run your business from home ?

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And that's it: you've just started your own business! A wonderful opportunity to make your unique contribution and share your talents for a better world. With the bonus, total freedom in the organization of your days. It is now a question of finding your balance between a prosperous company and a serene life, a step that is not always easy. Here are three tips to best manage telework in your company.

Choose your organizational tools

To effectively manage your business from home, achieve your goals and save time, nothing beats a well-stocked 2.0 toolbox, with, for example, applications for:

  • General organization, like Asana, which lets you organize your tasks and set reminders.
  • Accounting, such as IPaidThat, which tracks your cash flow.
  • Mailing, like mailchimp, which shows you, among other things, the popularity of your newsletters.
  • Invoicing, like Momenteo, which allows you to issue and organize your invoices easily.

The good old pen-and-paper method

For the more nostalgic souls, the organization written with real ink on real paper works great too!

So get several notebooks. One could be dedicated, for example, to the overall organization of your tasks, the other to writing or creating your projects. Finally, another can be reserved for your billing.

Finally, nothing like a good diary to stay up to date with your deadlines and other appointments !

Find your rhythm

With your organized entrepreneur material thus selected, you now get to the heart of the matter: the execution of the tasks. This phase usually requires all your concentration and creativity. It is therefore a question of taking advantage of your autonomy to define the work structure that will allow you to be productive without wasting your time or tiring yourself unnecessarily.

As good human beings that we are, our energy levels vary depending on the day. This is called the biorhythm. An excellent method of organization is to take into account your natural rhythm and adjust your work phases accordingly. To do this, determine at what times of the day you are naturally the most effective. Is it early in the morning? Late at night ? In the middle of the afternoon?

Then dedicate the phases of maximum concentration to tasks that require your full attention (such as creating content or processing a client request) and devote yourself to other aspects of your business the rest of the time (such as prospecting, mailing or seeking information).

Pause ! Breathe before you get back to it

Between the tasks to be accomplished, the deadlines to be met and the business objectives to be achieved, managing your business alone at home involves a certain amount of tension. You want your ideas to come to life, your projects to flourish, and therefore put your heart into the work without counting your hours. And we understand you!

However, it is essential to take regular moments to disconnect and give yourself time to recover. Your brain and your body need it to keep functioning optimally, and ensure a long and happy life for you and your business.

So incorporate regular breaks into your activity, whether it's a short fifteen-minute coffee break, a one-hour lunch break, or a micro-nap in the afternoon.

Also consider disconnecting…literally, by taking a vacation. The opportunity to recharge your batteries by immersing yourself, for example, in the heart of nature or by exploring new lands.

The habit of taking a break, whether it lasts a few minutes or a few days, is first and foremost a guarantee of good physical and mental health.

It's not always easy to run your business from home, write to us to get access to your free trial day : info@montrealcowork.com