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The advantages of coworking at Montreal Cowork


We spend more than half of our lives working. It is therefore important that we feel good in our workplace. As a business owner, it's important to take care of your employees so that they perform at their best.


However, this usually takes time. That's why by being a member of Montreal Cowork you have access to many services. Here are the advantages of our coworking space that you and your employees will appreciate.

A space for entertainment

A cabin for napping and relaxation


Montreal Cowork offers a new service: Recharjme. The concept of Recharjme is an intelligent rest cabin that allows our members to take an energizing nap or mindfulness meditation in a soundproof, secure and adapted environment.


In a world where more than 40% of adults experience sleep problems, the occasional nap at work is a first choice lever to take care of its employees. Moreover, we can affirm without a doubt that our members appreciate this available benefit on a daily basis.